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Browsers in South Korea

Top 5 Desktop and Mobile Browsers Used in South Korea

To better understand consumers in South Korea, it is critical to understand the top browsers used in South Korea. Browsers are the portals to the web that are filled with rich features and extensions. They are like any software program so anyone can technically make a browser. However, the best…

iPhone samsung smartphone

Smartphone Use in Korea is Getting Out of Hand

Smartphone use is increasing everywhere in the world.  However, smartphone use in Korea is increasing at an alarming rate. South Korea ranks at the top for smartphone ownership at 95%. The other 5% have a mobile phone. Therefore in South Korea, smartphone or mobile phone ownership is at 100%.…

NextRise 2021

NextRise – Global Startup Conference in Seoul – Complete Review

The Korean government is taking an active role in trying to grow the Korean startup ecosystem. The NextRise 2020 Seoul is a global startup conference and exhibition to connect Korean startups with the global startup ecosystem. After a successful NextRise 2019, NextRise 2020 continued its quest to…

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    English Teaching Startups in Korea Transforming Language Learning

    Korea is passionate about education, mainly English education, as it is a required subject for all University entrance as well as employment. With the advancement of technology, the EdTech sector has grown rapidly in Korea. There are many Korean EdTech startups that are creating new ways of…

    Logistics Startups in Korea

    Best Logistics Companies in Korea for eCommerce Fulfillment Solutions

    When managing eCommerce orders there are a lot of things businesses have to consider. The three main considerations include warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment. South Korea and Seoul in particular do a great job getting products bought online to customers' homes. There are great logistics…

    Data Science Startups in Korea

    Data Science Startups in Korea using AI with Analytics

    Data is driving the future of many businesses around the world. It is crucial in creating innovative products/services, offering better customer service, and making smarter decisions. It is safe to say that data science has become a core business function. Now there are data science startups in…