ZEPETO is the largest Metaverse platform in all of Asia. It was created by Naver Z Corp., the metaverse arm of Naver, South Korea’s top search engine. The metaverse platform has over 300 million users and averages 20 million monthly active users from all around the world. It does not compare to Roblox, which has over 150 million users, but ZEPETO saw massive growth in 2021- 2022, mostly coming from China. They will look to expand into new markets in 2023 thanks to raising over $200 million from SoftBank Group, Mirae Asset Capital, HYBE Co., and JYP Entertainment Inc. 


What is the Metaverse? It is an immersive digital version of the internet where users from all around the world can interact with digital objects and have digital representations of themselves. In the metaverse, these digital avatars can move more or less freely from one virtual world to another. As virtual reality becomes more prevalent, it has the potential to bring the masses to these virtual environments where they can socialize, work, and play in any environment imaginable. 

ZEPETO is not a virtual reality environment but rather an app that lets you create a 3D avatar of yourself by simply taking a selfie. Therefore, users get a personalized avatar!


However, they do not have to create an avatar of themselves they can become a different avatar. Furthermore, on the app, users can play games, take pictures, and interact with other avatars in virtual worlds. Here is a complete breakdown of the metaverse app that is skyrocketing to the top.

Overview of the ZEPETO App

Creating a Profile on ZEPETO

ZEPETO is very easy to use. Users simply download the app. Then users will need to create a profile page much like they would with an Instagram or TikTok account. Simply edit your profile by entering your name, username, and bio. You can set your profile picture by clicking on the camera icon. On the profile page, you can see your posts, tagging things, styles, and items you create or buy. 

ZEPETO Home Section

From the home section, you can access your feeds which work similarly to Instagram or TikTok; it will show content based on who you follow. In addition, you can access chat rooms where you can meet users from around the world. There are also quests to earn coins and zems and a Lucky Box feature that offers daily quests for tickets. You can use the tickets to buy boxes that offer items. Check out the events section where you can win coins and zems. 

Buy Avatars and fashion items on ZEPETO


You can buy Avatars through the app. Then dress them however you want. When you push the “c” icon on the right side, you can access items created by creators. When selecting the avatar icon, you will be taken to your closet, where you can change your clothes. You can save your look to switch from one look to another quickly. This is where you can buy outfits using coins or zems. You can change the size of all items, so they fit your avatar the way you want. However, this feature will not work for creator items. 

Become a Creator on ZEPETO

Under settings, there is a “Become a Creator” feature where you can create your own items. If you are a premium member, your items will be reviewed by ZEPETO much quicker. 

Virtual Worlds on ZEPETO

Metaverse platform in Asia

ZEPETO, a metaverse platform, is where users can enter virtual rooms or even create their spaces. In these rooms, you can go on quests which allow you to win coins and zems. You can even invite your friends or follower and communicate with other avatars using the voice function or text balloon. The virtual world can be viewed in the first person or 3rd person. Finally, a camera icon allows you to take pictures or videos. 

The Largest Virtual Fashion Marketplace 

What is interesting about ZEPETO is that 90% of the users are from outside of South Korea. Most are based in China, but it is becoming trendy in the United States. The rise in popularity is due to the fact that there are many users making money through the app. Many ZEPETO influencers make a living on ZEPETO by designing and selling digital fashion items. They are sold using in-game currency called “zems”. Five thousand zems is around $100. Therefore, ZEPETO has become the largest virtual fashion marketplace in the world. Other ways to make money on ZEPETO include being an entertainer or even an architect.


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