The future of education will be in the Metaverse. What is the Metaverse? The Metaverse is where the real world and the digital world overlap. Users within the Metaverse can interact with each other in real time. Therefore, this innovative form of immersive learning opens the door for teachers to offer students a more engaging learning experience. MARVRUS, a Metaverse startup in Korea aims to revolutionize how children learn by creating an education-focused Metaverse powered by AI technology. 


Why MARVRUS is focusing on Education

When people think of the Metaverse, many might think of gaming. However, MARVRUS sees massive potential in using the Metaverse to connect children aged 8-13 from all around the world by creating a social study platform. Even the gaming industry is looking into education in the Metaverse. For example, Roblox is one of the most popular games in the world. They recently announced a $10 million fund in late 2021, which will go to creators that are looking to build online learning experiences within the Roblox universe. 

Imagine a world where students and teachers will no longer be confined to their classrooms. Within the Metaverse, they can go beyond the classroom and into any space they desire. Therefore, students can go to outer space, different eras in history, and even go inside the workings of the human body by simply using their smartphone, tablet, or VR headset. With endless possibilities, there is huge potential in creating an education Metaverse. However, there has not been an industry leader in the education Metaverse space as of yet. MARVRUS is looking to change that. 

Educational Metaverse Platform – MEEMZ


MARVRUS aims to help teachers and students with its virtual environments by using XR (extended reality) and Emotion AI technology called MEE to build immersive experiences that transcend reality. Their educational Metaverse is called MEEMZ and it will be powered by the MARVRUS Emotion Engine (or MEE, for short). MEE is MARVRUS’s core technology that combines computer vision, deep learning, and biometric sensing. It allows for the incorporation of real human emotions into the learner’s end-user experience. As applied to the core product MEEMZ, the technology will allow for a tailored learning experience, by creating a Metaverse that reads and responds to the users’ concentration levels. 


COVID-19 has already introduced remote and hybrid learning to the masses. Therefore, all that needs to be incorporated are virtual worlds and instantly you will be introduced to the Metaverse. Moreover, these virtual worlds are ideal for students who prefer more of a visual or discovery-based learning experience. Entering the MEEMZ Metaverse will not require VR headsets as students will be able to access the platform through tablets. In addition, it will offer fun and immersive features such as virtual study rooms, interactive quiz maps, and beautiful virtual spaces to hold events. 

“Using MEEMZ as a starting point, we plan to build metaverse platforms across a variety of different domains and heighten the end-user experience by adding a unique emotional dimension to life in the virtual world,” said the CEO of MARVRUS, Sera Lim. 

Lim’s vision for the Metaverse has the backing of Korean tech giants such as Kakao and SK Telecom, who are both key investors that participated in MARVRUS’ series A funding round late last year.

MEEMZ is currently in its Beta phase and will launch on the Google Play Store in March. 


MARVRUS showcased its technology at MWC Barcelona 2022 in order to partner with companies looking to enter the Metaverse space. In 2023, companies all around the world are eager to see how the Metaverse can work for their business. However, it will be difficult for brands to navigate this new frontier alone. Therefore, for companies looking to build their own Metaverse, MARVRUS offers a great B2B opportunity. Their engineering specialists have the know-how and infrastructure to create every part of a Metaverse platform, from start to finish. Make sure to connect with them. Especially if your business is in need of building a custom Metaverse or if you are interested in learning more about their emotion AI technology. 


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