The MCN business in South Korea has been growing for many years now. Treasure Hunter is Korea’s first independent MCN startup. Their aim is to develop and nurture content creators. Think of them as the first content creator accelerator/incubator. They are constantly on the lookout for content creators with great potential in Korea. Great potential is the keyword here as they don’t focus on content creators that are already famous and already supported by agencies. They are currently cooperating with over 5,000 content creators and is looking to find more.

Treasure Hunter – Becoming Korea’s Leading K-Content Producer

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter offers personalized solutions that match the content creator’s requests. They offer services such as production consulting, brainstorming, editing, and management. Their aim is to help content creators grow their followers and/or sales. They offer their services across multiple channels such as YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and etc. They are also expanding into live commerce, VR platforms, and even the metaverse. Moreover, they do live-streaming for Korea’s top eCommerce platform Naver.

Treasure Hunter is working with many content creators with over 1 million subscribers such as ASMR Suna, Yang Soobin, Kgxhwang TV, Kkuk TV, and famous cartoonist Kian84.

Treasure Hunter plans to go public in 2022 in order to create more of its own content and increase its business model. They are already scheduled to apply for a preliminary review for a listing which would make it the first listing in Korea’s MCN industry. With the money raised, they plan to invest in new businesses such as VR, AR, AI, Blockchain, and the metaverse.

“We want to produce various contents such as wed dramas that we could not make because of costs. We also consider providing multilingual translation solutions for creators,” said Jae Yong Song, CEO of Treasure Hunter.

Asia’s Leading Independent MCN for Content Creators

Treasure Hunter

Treasure Hunter is expanding their marketing and commerce business not just in South Korea but also in China and Southeast Asia. They organize creator channels to genre, gender, age, and interests and systematically manage them around to audience targets across Asia. For example, the various categories Treasure Hunter targets include:

  • K-Culture
  • Lifestyle
  • Celebrities
  • Entertainment/Movie
  • Beauty
  • Food
  • Kids
  • Sports
  • Tech
  • Game

The Treasure Hunter team is a group of experts who have the highest understanding of digital audiences across Asia. They are known for their creativity, planning power, and expertise in regard to creators’ content, channels, and various video platforms. They have over 5,600 creators channels across Asia working in the categories listed above.

Treasure Hunter focuses on the creator’s content promotion and copyright management so that the creators can solely focus on their creative activities. They have trained many content creators in South Korea and even have their own creator certification program.

Therefore if you are a content creator in Asia looking for support, it might be in your best interest to check out Treasure Hunter.


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