‘2022 Strong Small Business Owner Program“ by N15 Partners, which supports business growth for small business owners all across the country and has successfully completed.

What is Strong Small Business Owner Program 2022?

Strong Small Business Owner Program is a program to assist small business owners to further develop products and services through collaboration with artists, startups and small business owners and to become entrepreneurial small business owners. 

Last year’s ‘Strong Small Business Owner Program’ saw a record competition rate of 39 to 1, with 34 selected teams from the first audition receiving 41 million KRW in support. This funding was used to improve marketing, develop business strategies, and create prototypes to expand their business offerings.

Achieving Tangible Results and becoming an entrepreneurial small business owner

Throughout this support program, startups achieved tangible results as contracts with mega corporations overseas export contracts acquiring intellectual property right after developing new technologies and raising outside investments. Based on this success, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups has increased the budget for ‘Strong Small Business Owner Growth Support Program 2023’ from 2.8 billion KRW to 10 billion KRW and created 40 billion KRW amount of ‘ Small Business Owner investment and loan matching policy’, to help finance small business owners.

Round of applause for efforts put in by “Strong Business Owner 2022” and their achievements, which built the foundation on various governmental supporting policies that would help small business owners to grow as entrepreneurs.

Witness the Leap of startups that participated in the “Strong Small Business Owner Business”

A documentary about their meaningful adventure has been broadcasted on SBS “Sunday Special Documentary,” 29th Jan and 5th Feb. We expect their ambitious challenge and passion to boost the “Strong Small Business Owner Growth Support Program 2023” to source and further produce great entrepreneurs.