2022 is projected to be a big year for startups with innovative ideas looking to get funding. However, raising money to get your startup off and running takes time and a killer pitch. Startups in Korea looking to perfect their pitch can do so with Podium Star. Podium Star has helped over 80 startups in Korea craft their pitch. In addition, they hold events throughout the year, so startups get the opportunity to pitch in front of investors and tech enthusiasts from around the world. For 2022, Podium Star has come up with an innovative pitch contest. They will launch a startup pitch tournament, sure to bring a lot of excitement. The online event (Airmeet) will take place on February 23rd at 2 pm KST (Feb. 22nd, 9 pm PST). 

Startup Pitch Tournament

Pitch Tournament

Podium Star is known for holding unique pitch events and for their 16th event, it is no different. The startup pitch tournament offers valuable exposure, feedback, opportunities, and the first-place team will win a $12,000 scholarship to join Draper University’s 5-week entrepreneurship program in Silicon Valley called Hero Training. Moreover, startups will receive valuable feedback from global VCs and ACs. 

The theme for this event will focus on Industry 4.0. What exactly is Industry 4.0?  It’s all about applying digital technology, such as AI, to traditional systems to automate, optimize and create new ways of production. Therefore, solutions for smart factories, smart cities, robotics, and IoT all fall into the category of Industry 4.0.

Startup Tournament Format 

Startup Tournament

Round 1

The top 16 startups who applied were selected from an internal committee. These teams then gave a 1-minute elevator pitch to marketing and PR professionals, who chose the top 8 based on communication skills. 

Round 2

Here comes the fun part. The top 8 startups from Round 1 will present their 1-minute elevator pitch again during the first half of Podium Star. The audience will vote on which four teams make it to the final round. The 8 that will be pitching at the startup tournament are listed below. 

  • Joseph Hill – CEO at Zephframe
  • Esteban Tapia – Product IC at Swit
  • Seunghyuk Jin – CEO at KLleon
  • Charles Kiseok Song – Co-CEO at Gentle Energy 
  • Chea Srun – CEO at XQuant 
  • Philip Man – CEO at Port 
  • Abhishek Srivastava – Managing Director & Co-Founder at Teknobuilt 
  • Paek Sieyung – CEO at Arch Global Content 

Round 3

The top 4 startups will then give their full 5-minute investor pitch. For this round, a panel of VCs will judge the pitches and give feedback. They will decide on the winner. 

Register to Watch the Tournament

Those interested in watching the startup pitch tournament can register here.

Podium Star is one of South Korea’s hottest startup events. Podium Star pitch events are always exciting and engaging, whether online or offline. Furthermore, every startup that enters is professionally coached, and the pitches are carefully crafted and designed for maximum engagement. Startups looking to join top accelerators, get funded, increase their revenue, improve their pitch, gain users/customers, and get global exposure should join the next Podium Star event!