Corporate Solutions in South Korea

Some of the most requested services corporates seek in South Korea are notary, interpretation, and translation services. Therefore, translation services in Korea are in high demand as more and more global companies are interested in entering the Korean market. Most global translation companies don’t specialize in Korean translation, so they outsource the job to the lowest bidder possible. Therefore, the result is usually mediocre at best translation at a very high cost. However, finding a good translation company in Korea is not easy.

Korean is a complex language with a unique writing system, grammar, and vocabulary. Finding the right translation service provider for Korean can be challenging. This article will discuss the top Korean translation services available in the market.

Finding A Good Korean translation company

The key is ensuring the Korean translation company does the job in-house. Therefore, the simplest way to find this out is to ask them. Second, avoid translation companies that have hundreds of employees and multiple locations. You will be charged a premium if a translation company has more than ten employees. Even if you find a translation company, most global companies don’t know if the translation was done well after receiving it. Therefore there needs to be a level of trust, accuracy, and reliability.

Some of the best translation companies in Korea are small teams where the founders take time to ensure the work is done correctly. All documents are reviewed in-house before being delivered to the client.

In addition, a translation company in Korea needs to be English-friendly and communicate effectively with its clients.

Best Business Translation Services in Korea

Translation Services in KoreaOne Hour Translation

One Hour Translation is a leading provider of professional translation services. Their team of experienced translators provides high-quality translations for businesses, individuals, and government agencies. They offer Korean translation services for various legal, technical, and medical industries.


Gengo is a popular translation service that provides affordable and accurate Korean translations. They have a network of over 25,000 professional translators who work on various projects, including marketing, legal, and technical translations. is a user-friendly translation service that provides Korean translation services for businesses and individuals. They offer quick and affordable translations for various content types, including websites, documents, and apps.


Rev is a reliable service provider that offers Korean translation services for various industries, including legal, technical, and medical. They have a team of experienced and qualified translators who provide high-quality translations.


VerbalizeIt is a service that offers Korean translations for various industries such as healthcare, legal, and finance. They have a network of experienced translators who provide accurate and timely translations.

Notary in Korea

If you are a global business in Korea or a foreigner living in Korea, it cannot be easy to find the right notary. For example, I am American, and to get a document notarized, I would need to visit the US Embassy in Korea. In addition, these locations require an appointment which could take many weeks. In most cases, many translation service companies in Korea can also notarize documents within 24 hours. They provide notarized translation stamps for official documents. Their notary stamps are typical $15 per stamp. Getting the notary stamp at the American Embassy will cost you $50 per stamp.

Things to consider for Translation Services in Korea

  • Ask them to clarify how the translation process works and if they do it in-house
  • Make sure you understand their retranslation/edit/revision terms
  • Send a reference/sample document to give them a feel for the tone you want for the document
  • An experienced translation service can do 2,000 words a day
  • Ensure the translation service charges by the word, not the number of pages.
  • Get a free quote and compare it with others before making your final decision.