On November 4, Open Innovation Korea Summit 2022, operated by N15 Partners, was successfully held at Kunst Halle, a cultural complex located in Nonhyeon-dong. The event is designed to provide the interested parties with the opportunities to build positive competitive relationships and further partnerships through networking between leading open innovation platforms in Korea.

At the event, participants watched a video interview of Dr. Phillip Gneiting (Plug and Play), who is a founding member of Startup Autobahn, the largest open innovation platform in Europe. The video provided the operating know-how obtained from the founding process of the German Startup Autobahn. In the first part of the panel segment, operating personnel of Korean top open innovation platforms, such as Startup Autobahn Korea, Future Nine, Zero One, Super Start, and Square Bridge, gave a brief introduction on each platform and shared their successful experience in collaborating with startups.

In the second part, participants exchanged information and opinions on operating the open innovation platform. Such an opportunity helped the participants resolve concerns and difficulties they had encountered during the operation. Open Innovation Korea Summit 2022 was a private event solely for the interested parties of open innovation. More than 60 participants could build a network and have an honest talk with each other. A participant of the event said “Through this event, I could take a glimpse at how other companies run the open innovation platform. I have gained confidence that I would be able to create a more expanded open innovation platform in the future. I hope there are more such events taking place.”

The open innovation ecosystem is constantly expanding with a number of excellent collaboration cases between startups and large companies. Based on a wealth of experience in operation and management, N15 Partners will contribute to creating best practices of open innovation platform operation. Furthermore, N15 Partners is planning to adopt its own open innovation methodology to revitalize underdeveloped regions and industries. Please pay a lot of attention and look forward to what N15 Partners will attain in the future.