ARCVERSE aims to combine big data and services for the virtual space. This space is called the metaverse, a digital world where people can interact with each other. ARCVERSE by Naver are in their early stages of becoming the next-generation Metaverse Ecosystem Platform. It was created by the convergence of AI, robotics, cloud, and digital twin technologies which NAVER LABS has been developing over the last 5 years. Digital twin technology can create the same virtual world as it is in the real world. 

When combined with VR/AR, 5G, and big data, it will connect the real world to the digital world for businesses, consumers, and everyday people. In addition, it will connect virtual communities under one platform. 

What is ARCVERSE by Naver? 


Most people will see ARCVERSE by Naver as just an upgraded version of VR. However, it aims to be to VR what the modern smartphone is to cellphones back in the 80s and 90s. Don’t think of ARCVERSE as a VR space, but think of it as the connection of all kinds of digital environments. VR is currently mainly used for gaming. However, the metaverse Naver is looking to create would be a virtual world for anything. Go to work through ARCVERSE, play with friends through ARCVERSE, watch a sporting event or concert through ARCVERSE, shop through ARCVERSE…the possibilities are endless.

Facebook recently changed their business name to META as they also understand that the metaverse is the future of the internet. There is a lot of buzz around the metaverse when it comes to investors and big tech companies. No industry wants to get left out of the metaverse as it is not a matter of if but when it becomes a reality.

ZEPETO – An Independent Virtual World by Naver


Naver has already developed a virtual world with ZEPETO. It was their first metaverse platform that allows users to dress up their digital avatars in high-fashion labels such as Dior and Gucci. ZEPETO launched in 2018 and has already 2 million active daily users. A vast majority are females 13-24 years old. Users on ZEPETO can create their own worlds and explore new spaces. In addition, they can hang out with friends and play games together. In this virtual world, users can buy virtual items or make money by creating and selling their own virtual goods. ARCVERSE looks to expand bigger than ZEPETO by creating a world for everyone. 

“As all solutions and systems that NAVER LABS have been researching for many years are melted into ARCVERSE, we will continue to reveal interesting and surprising achievements through cooperation with many local governments, companies, and academia,” said the CEO of NAVER LABS, Sangok Seok.

ARCVERSE Coming in 2023?

Naver will look to commercialize its new metaverse platform by allowing consumers to use their virtual data and services for real-world products and services through the metaverse marketplace. They will test-run ARCVERSE in its second headquarters building in 2023. In order to get to the metaverse, Naver is aiming for, more advanced digital worlds will need better, more consistency, and more mobile connectivity. Again this could be solved with the full rollout of 5G in South Korea

South Korea is the perfect region to test the metaverse platform due to its strong 5G network. 5G and the cloud are keys to operating ARCVERSE. Naver Cloud has already finished its frequency application for the 5G special network with the Ministry of Science and ICT. The special 5G network establishes an optimized network environment used in robotics service at Naver’s second headquarters. If the test is successful, it will put Naver on the global metaverse map. For now, everything is still in its early stages. The evolution of the metaverse will not be led by one company. It will take a truly global effort for the next decade.