As any tennis player knows, finding a partner for an offline game can be difficult. There are few public courts available, and it can be challenging to find someone who is both willing and able to play. However, a new social media app called griid makes it easier for tennis players to connect. Griid has created a digital way for users to search for other tennis players in their area. Users can filter their search results by skill level to find a fair match.

The app also includes a messaging function so that players can arrange a time and place to play. Best of all, users can upload their matches and other forms of content through the app. Ultimately, the app provides a much-needed service for tennis players looking for an offline game. With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive search features, the app is sure to make finding a tennis partner easier than ever before. Griid is one of the fastest growing social media apps in Korea related to community/sports. 

Griid – All-in-one Tennis Social Media App

Tennis social media appExperience the ultimate digital tennis club culture with griid. It is a tennis social media app that allows you to connect with other tennis players and lets users find courts and private lessons. Typically, players would need to join a membership-based tennis club to play tennis. Or they would need to find a time that works for both players. However, with griid, joining a tennis group is free and networking with other tennis players is at your fingertips. This means tennis players can find a partner to play tennis at any time. Therefore, it also acts as a social media platform that lets users connect with people who enjoy tennis. 

Users on griid can upload their tennis life content on the app and share it. This includes photos and short videos. They can also follow other users and grow their tennis network. Users can form groups and grow their groups to form their tennis community. 

Tennis Court Reservation Service 

Once users connect with other users, getting a game together is easier than ever. The map of griid offers information about the nearest tennis courts, groups, and games. Tennis courts can be reversed through the app as it has an extensive database of the closest tennis courts. Through the app, players will have access to tennis court information and will not only be able to reserve a tennis court but also play for it through the app. 

Tennis Lesson Reservation Service 

Tennis instructors can also use griid to offer tennis lessons to users. Each instructor/coach will have their bio where they can tell their private lessons. 

Meet People through Tennis with Griid

griidWhile some people might view tennis as a solitary sport, the truth is that it can be a great way to socialize and meet new people. Unfortunately, finding others interested in playing tennis can often be a challenge. This is why Griid has great potential. By connecting people who are interested in playing tennis, Griid makes it easy to find partners and set up games. In addition, the app provides information on local courts and communities, making it easier for players of all levels to get involved in the sport. 

Griid has over 10,000 users and a system for connecting tennis players. It was launched in Korea as tennis is one of the most popular sports. Over 1.5 million people in Korea play tennis; there are over 4,500 clubs and over 1,135 tennis courts. It has found great success and will look to expand to bigger markets going forward. For example, the United States has a tennis population of over 33 million! 

“We’ll launch griid service at Silicon Valley, US first and expand to more countries nex year. Griid could be the top tennis social media in the world,” said the CEO of Griid.


Griid will soon automatically manage game records, scores, rankings, etc., and add the ability to share and compare with friends to encourage tennis users to actively change their activities.