As a cleaning technology without secondary environmental pollution, KMTech provides cleaning equipment that can be widely used in the gastronomical and medical fields. The company developed its own dry ice cleaning machine which has been delivered to domestic conglomerates such as Hyosung, Lotte, and POSCO.

KMTech has not only been selling their cleaning machines domestically but also overseas to projects in Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. The company is steadily pioneering overseas markets by signing branching contracts with local companies. Currently, KMTech is registered for 4 technology patents domestically and one design patent overseas in Vietnam. Additionally, there are currently six patents waiting for approval.

Furthermore, three international PCT applications and one Chinese individual state application are held. Based on its technology, KMTech is ahead of other companies when it comes to sustainable cleaning machines. Other achievements, include venture company certification, root company certification, and Incheon Aerospace leading company certification. As a technology leader, KMTech wants to steadily develop technologies and improve its sales activities.

The company has been promoting its products through exhibitions in Korea and abroad, gaining a lot of attention. Local exhibitions include the  KINTEX Advanced Root Industry Exhibition and the Songdo Convensia Smart Manufacturing Industry Exhibition. The participation in the 2021 KOAA-GTT SHOW (Korea Automobile and Handcraft Industry Exhibition) has gained traction from potential buyers currently, KM Tech has a factory located in Namdong Industrial Complex in Incheon and the second one in Gyeonggi-do City Hall Industrial Complex. It has a research institute in Songdo, Incheon, and projects to develop technologies linked to local government institutions and universities. It continues to discriminate against existing competitors through it.