Engram is a free grammar checker solution developed by Data B. Data B was started by two entrepreneurs with extensive experience in AI, particularly in natural language processing (NLP). The startup began with the idea of developing an online service designed with non-native speakers in mind to check their work and essays. The co-founders had first-hand experience as international students in the United States trying to make their writings sound more natural. There were tools out there that checked grammar, but they wanted something that made their writing sound more like a native speaker. Guided by this idea, the two co-founders founded Data B in 2018 and worked for three years to develop Engram, formerly known as Pcanpi. Now, the service is used by educational institutions, companies, and thousands of students. 

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Engram – Free Grammar Checker 

Engram combines AI technology and NLP to make suggestions that make sentences sound more natural. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for non-native speakers. As its solution targets non-native speakers, it can catch mistakes better than its competitors.

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In addition, it offers the same features as other grammar-checking tools. It tracks grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors in real time and offers explanations for corrections while being backed by AI models. Therefore, the free grammar checker tool by Engram helps users with all aspects of writing, but best of all, there is no need to download or add an extension. Simply go to the Engram site, and the free grammar checker is on the homepage. 

Engram is a free grammar checker that can be used straight from their website. There is a max of 150 words for users, which is perfect for checking a few sentences. However, for those that need to check long documents like essays or reports, there is a PREMIUM option available. 

Engram Premium Features

Engram Premium

Engram PREMIUM is $8.99 monthly, which is cheaper than most competitors. In addition, users are only billed after their free trial. Or you can pay for their annual plan, which is $75.48 ($6.29 per month). Engram offers the first month of their PREMIUM service for free, and you can cancel at any time. 

  • Unlimited submissions
  • Increased word count from 150 to 500. 
  • Real-time suggestions 

Ideal Solution for Non-Native Speakers 

Instead of focusing on one particular area, such as grammar. Engram’s primary focus is to make sentences written by non-native speakers sound more like native English speakers. This is where AI technology and NLP come into play. Engram can drive higher-value features to produce more natural-sounding English as these technologies continue to advance. 

Engram Grammar Checker

This is the key issue for many non-native speakers. Any teacher who has taught English abroad understands that there is very little interaction between teachers and students. Many, particularly in Asian countries, follow a strict lecture-type approach when teaching students English. Most are focused on the written aspect, with very few students being encouraged to speak. Therefore, their writing style tends to be technically correct but robotic. Making sentences sound like they were written by a native speaker is what Engram is constantly looking to improve. 

English for Business for Non-Native Speakers 

Engram is being used by some of the top companies and institutions in South Korea. Many users are non-native English speakers who need to use English for business purposes. They must constantly check their writing for mistakes to present themselves and their company in the best light possible. It fixes any awkward sentence structures and poor vocabulary choices. Overall it makes your writing sound natural and professional by keeping your tone of voice consistent, making it coherent and fluid in context.

Engram is also used by many students whose native language is not English. It is used by many students in South Korea for everything from writing school essays or preparing for ESL exams like TOEIC or TOEFL. Therefore non-native English speakers needing help with their writing for school or business, Engram is the easier and most effective solution. 

Engram Blog

Their blog section offers tips and guides for the most common issues non-native speakers face when writing. They consistently produce content focused on the difficulties in choosing between two different prepositions, articles, or other parts of speech. In addition, they have a how-to section that offers tips for issues from “How to Write a Research Paper” to “How to Write a Business Email” all targeted at non-native English speakers. 

Future Plans

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Engram is looking to break into global markets after finding great success in South Korea. They aim to target the United States and help non-native English speakers through their solution. As the United States was where the idea started, Engram knows exactly what non-native English speakers need in a grammar checker. The startup aims to further improve its technology and product development to create additional solutions for non-native English speakers. With the rise of AI solutions like ChatGPT, there is a growing need to make AI-generated content sound more natural. With solutions like Engram, the demand for real-time grammar solutions for non-native speakers will only grow.

“We aspire for a world where people can communicate freely. We hope non-native speakers write more naturally in English with Engram,” said Seung Oh, Co-founder at Engram.