Businesses worldwide are shifting their attention towards customer service needs online. This has led to innovative startups building tools to help manage that demand. is one of the fastest-growing CRM B2B SaaS companies in Asia and have recently joined as a contender in the North American market. They build customer service and team solutions for businesses, such as unlimited live chats & team chats, unlimited file storage for team members, CRM solutions for automating messages, marketing features, and a no-code chatbot. They have gotten over 100,000 customers and raised over $40 million in investments. After successfully launching in South Korea and Japan, they now have their sights on the west, namely the United States and Canada.

Why use

More than ever, businesses are struggling to grow and develop lasting relationships with their customers. Many businesses use 10-15 different apps to manage, communicate, and collaborate with customers and their teams. aims to provide an all-in-one solution to bring all customer and team communications into a single stream of information, and to help businesses build customer loyalty for long-term business success.

An effective business communication solution is one of the best ways to increase the value of your business. Companies need to be able to quickly and easily share information with customers and team members to stay competitive. Unfortunately, many companies are still using a patchwork of disparate systems that make it difficult to keep track of conversations and maintain a consistent customer experience. This is where solutions offered by can be extremely helpful. By consolidating your communications onto an all-in-one platform, you can simplify your operations and make providing an excellent customer experience easier. Features

CRM solution for automated messaging’s top operating system is its CRM platform. Their CRM solution allows businesses to lower the barrier to technology adoption. Businesses can start with’s CRM and implement its other features over time. The difference between and other CRM platforms is that focuses on implementing all its features to create an all-in-one operating system for business. Therefore, they aim to help businesses easily communicate, work smarter, and scale faster.

Unlimited live chats, team chats, and unlimited file storage for team members’s purpose since its founding was to encourage customer driven growth, with communication at its core. The live chat feature helps businesses communicate in a simple and direct way, allowing them to gain insight and build genuine relationships with their customers. More and more businesses are offering live chat features on their websites. This lets customers get personalized assistance and advice from company representatives in real-time, which can be valuable when making purchase decisions. It also provides several other benefits, such as providing an instant way to address customer queries and complaints, enhancing customer engagement, and generating new leads. To stay competitive, having a live chat feature on your site is a must.

Many companies also turn to team chats and unlimited file storage to improve employee communication and collaboration. Team chats provide a real-time, informal way for employees to share ideas and information, and they can also be used to resolve problems or answer questions more efficiently. The unlimited file storage allows employees to access files from anywhere at any time, and this is particularly helpful for remote workers or those who travel frequently. It also eliminates the need to keep track of multiple copies of files, saving time and increasing productivity.

A no-code chatbot


Businesses are increasingly turning to chatbots to provide better customer service. Chatbots can handle a wide range of customer queries, from providing product information to taking orders and processing returns. What’s more, chatbots are available 24/7, meaning they can provide a level of service that is impossible with human customer service representatives. offers chatbots that require no coding skills to maintain. This means that businesses can save on both development and maintenance costs. Best of all, it can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of each business.

Marketing feature

What’s unique about is that unlike most other marketing platforms that promote customer acquisition, this particular platform stays true to their “customer driven” culture and approaches marketing from a retention stand point. The features look to retain customers after the first-visit and encourage them to come back. The underlying concept is building a fan-base that will ultimately become the growth engine for the company and allow it to scale. Companies can use money to acquire customers through marketing and ads, while using the feature to keep them as regular returning customers.

Future Plans for can help foster a good working environment within your team, leading to effective marketing campaigns, productive interpersonal relationships, and better customer service. They aim to revolutionize how businesses communicate with their customers. As they look to expand into new markets, they will continue expanding their services and solutions. For example, they will combine live chat and phone calls into a single experience allowing businesses to connect with customers anywhere. They will use AI technology to create chat/phone summaries and tag suggestions. Finally, they will build a space for businesses to curate their brands and introduce their products.

As businesses digitize processes and services across communication channels, is leading the way in digitally transforming customer engagement.

“With the economy on a downturn, customer loyalty is becoming increasingly important for business survival, and could become a game-changer for companies that are struggling to manage costs and optimize business processes. Our platform is designed to provide what companies need to drive healthy and long-lasting business growth, while also helping to alleviate the burden of using multiple, expensive platforms. has come very far since we first launched, but we still have a long way to go. As we aim to become a major international player in the B2B SaaS industry, I know that our team will have many challenges to overcome. I’m excited to see how much further we’ll develop, both as a team and as a company, in the near future.” -Josh, CEO of