Korean agriculture startup AGUNI is redefining farming with its Air Domes technology. Amidst rising production costs and challenges in traditional agriculture, AGUNI’s Air Domes emerged as a sustainable solution. Lettuce prices, for instance, have soared by 25%, while avocado prices have seen a 30% hike in 2022. Factors like escalating fertilizer, transport, and labor costs, coupled with adverse weather and disease, have driven up production costs. AGUNI’s introduction of Air Domes aims to counteract these challenges by providing a controlled, efficient, and sustainable farming environment.

Air Domes: A Solution for Modern Farming Challenges

What are Air Domes?

Air Domes, or controlled environment agriculture systems, are akin to sophisticated greenhouses or indoor vertical farms. They focus on the year-round production of crops like lettuce, overcoming the limitations of traditional farming. The cornerstone of these domes is the “Growide Module,” which fosters ideal soil conditions, supporting over 30% root growth rate, over 38% water retention, and offering a 100% pesticide and weed-free environment.

Key Features of Air Domes

  • Controlled Environment: Air Domes maintain a controlled atmosphere with precise humidity, temperature, and pressure settings. This ensures optimal growing conditions, tailored to the specific needs of each crop.
  • Durability and Customization: With a lifespan of 25 years and ease of maintenance, these domes can be tailored to various farm layouts and facilities.
  • Protection Against External Factors: By isolating crops from external weather conditions and pests, Air Domes mitigate risks associated with traditional outdoor farming.

AGUNI’s Vision: Beyond Technology

AGUNI’s mission extends beyond technological innovation. The company is dedicated to enhancing farmers’ income, improving their quality of life, and creating a new culture in agriculture. This approach aims to rejuvenate local economies and ensure competitiveness in the agricultural sector.

Diverse Applications and Projects

  • Distribution: Exporting medicinal crops, fostering a high-value industry.
  • Systems & Solutions: Offering integrated systems for contract cultivation and catering to R&D manufacturing companies.
  • Green Biofactory: Involving ICT precision agricultural vertical cultivation systems and global business development.


Notable Projects

  • POCHEON: ESG-type Air Dome Plant Factory utilizing AGUNI’s Vertical Farming System for mass production.
  • BUSAN: Container Farm for Wasabi Research and Production, overcoming climatic challenges.
  • ANDONG: Leading cultivation of medical hemp in the Gyeongbuk Industrial Hemp Regulatory Free Zone.

Transforming Global Agriculture

AGUNI’s Air Domes represent a significant leap in the agricultural industry. By offering a sustainable, profitable, and innovative approach to farming, AGUNI is not only pioneering in the field but also contributing to global food security and advancing agricultural practices. The versatility and adaptability of Air Domes make them ideal for various industries, including horticulture, urban farming, and agricultural research. As AGUNI continues to expand the potential of Air Domes, it stands at the forefront of a movement toward more sustainable, efficient, and high-quality agricultural solutions.