For decades, most of a household’s portfolio in Korea was taken up by real estate. Buying an apartment was one of the critical investments someone in Korea could make to better their future. As real estate prices continue to rise in Seoul and across South Korea, real estate investment platforms in Korea have been on the rise. These platforms offer new ways to invest in real estate and offer everyday people access to data for making intelligent investment decisions.

While investing in real estate can be risky, it can help diversify your portfolio. Moreover, it can provide competitive returns compared to the stock market. Thanks to technology, there are now real estate investment platforms in Korea that can help developers, investors, and buyers make better decisions. Below are some platforms anyone in Korea interested in real estate should know.

Real Estate Investment Platforms in Korea

XAI Land


XAI Land is an innovative real estate startup in Korea utilizing AI technology. Its platform can make real estate valuations more transparent on a global scale. They create products that help real estate professionals make better decisions and complete their projects. Real estate investing in Korea can now be automated. The XAI land team comprises data scientists, software developers, and real estate professionals.

Their platform allows real estate professionals to discover any property’s current and predicted future market value. In addition, their reports contain data and analysis that allow users to understand the property in greater detail. Therefore they will be able to make better and faster decisions by tapping into their comprehensive real estate data/analytics and API database.

Tera Funding 

Proptech startups in KoreaTera Funding is the operator of a peer-to-peer lending platform for real estate developers in Korea. Therefore, the startup offers an alternative means to raise funds by real estate developers of small and mid-sized residential areas. In addition, Tera Funding offers home/apartment builders in Korea loans at around a 10% interest rate. 

Tera Funding raised over $18 million for their Series B round from new investors such as KB Investment, Hana Ventures, IBK, Woomi Construction, and Union Investment Partners. 

Dataknows (RichGo)


Dataknows is a developer of the real estate investing app RichGo. The app not only offers available apartments to live in but also to invest in. It gives the apartment a “neighborhood” score based on subway accessibility, transportation access, and school access from kindergarten to high school. It also considers cafes, hospitals, markets, and department stores nearby. The higher the score, the higher the apartment is predicted to rise over the next 1-4 years in terms of the selling price. RichGo uses AI technology to predict the future price of each apartment.