What is facial recognition technology? It is a biometric software application that can verify or identify a person by facial features. The data collected is analyzed alongside a database of faces using machine learning algorithms. China has gotten much attention for using facial recognition technology to track its citizens. However, it is not out of the question that South Korea will soon implement facial recognition for various sectors such as law enforcement, healthcare, and social programs. Incheon International Airport is already using facial recognition systems during the immigration process. This is why facial recognition startups in Korea are getting much attention from VCs and the Korean government. They use AI technology, and these startups can collect massive amounts of data.

Facial recognition can identify people in videos, photos, and even in real time. It can also be applied to AI-powered chatbots for a more immersive experience with customers. Therefore, facial recognition is preferred over other biometric applications such as fingerprint scanning, voice recognition, and even iris recognition. It is estimated that the global facial recognition market size is expected to reach over $14 billion by 2028. Here is a list of the top facial recognition startups in Korea.

Top Facial Recognition Startups in Korea


Facial Recognition Startups in Korea

Suprema is one of the top biometrics startups in Korea. They offer biometric solutions and specialize in facial recognition. They have created innovative solutions in the security industry over the last decade. Recently they have offered Facial recognition for mobile authentication along with fingerprint authentication. Their facial recognition technology can detect changes in any environment. Therefore, using near-infrared LED according to the surrounding brightness makes it possible to authenticate users from a dark room or a sunny day outside.

Their facial recognition solution is ideal for contactless access in hospitals, where fingerprint authentication is difficult, and in high-security areas that need extra security. Their solution is called FaceStation F2, and it uses the latest optical technology to distinguish users’ faces accurately. It perfectly blocks spoofing using photographs or 3D-printed masks.




METSAKUUR specializes in facial recognition using AI technology. They can provide their solution in any form, such as in an SDK, on-premise, or SAAS. They work with companies to find the most suitable method for their partner’s environment. Furthermore, their facial recognition technology offers a 99.99% accuracy and industry-leading processing speed.

Industrial Bank of Korea used METSAKUUR’s AI face recognition solution to identify customers instead of having them bring their ID. The solution is integrated seamlessly with the tablet PC used in existing branches. Before this METSAKUUR supplied its face authentication technology to Hana Bank. In addition, Hana Bank also invested in METSAKUUR’s pre-series A round.


Facial Recognition Startups in Korea

Neton got a lot of attention during the height of COVID-19 in Korea. They launched their Smart Integrated Control System which combined a thermal imaging camera with their AI facial recognition solution. It was effective in detecting and identifying those with high fevers. Neton offers facial recognition technology, object recognition technology, and video encryption technology. Their AI face recognition solution, MEDUSA-F, is based on Neton’s core technology. Therefore, it recognizes human characteristics using cameras and various video devices. It offers real-time monitoring.