AWS (Amazon Web Services) launched AWS Public Sector Startups Ramp in South Korea. It is a program that is designed to help early-stage tech startups in Korea build solutions for the public sector using its platform. The South Korean government has always been open to experimenting with new ideas and technologies. In addition, startups in Korea have been known for creating disruptive innovative solutions that create broad impact locally. COVID-19 has shown the importance of digital transformation in the public sector. Many startups in Korea are already looking to the cloud to experiment and test new ideas. Now thanks to AWS Startup Ramp, startups can apply their skills for the public sector to more effectively solve citizen problems and be better prepared to respond to disruptive events. 

AWS Startup Ramp in South Korea 

AWS Startup Ramp

AWS is looking to serve the public sector and give power to startups through its AWS Startup Ramp program in South Korea. There are a lot of sectors in South Korea that can benefit from AWS solutions. Sectors such as healthcare, smart cities, digital services, agriculture, machine learning, transportation, and others. The AWS Startup Ramp is an acceleration program for startups that are building innovative solutions for public sector customers. It was first launched in India and is now available in South Korea. Startups in Korea that are in their early-stage growth can apply to join the AWS Startup Ramp in one of two tiers. 

Tier 1 – Innovator tier for pre-revenue startups

Startups that are in their earliest stages with no revenue can apply to become Startup Ramp Innovators. 

Tier 2 – Member tier for post-revenue startups 

Startups that already have customers and are now focused on growth and scale can apply to become Startup Ramp Members. 

Startup Ramp is available for startups in Korea with under $10 million in total revenue. Startups that meet all the qualifying application criteria will first be reviewed and evaluated for their potential contributions to public sector customers. Furthermore, they will focus a lot on early-stage startups building solutions in health, smart cities, agriculture, space, and digital government. Therefore, the program helps entrepreneurs build, launch, and grow products/services that can make an impact in the public sector. 

Benefits of AWS Startup Ramp

AWS accelerator program

  • The accelerator program offers technical design and architecture reviews from AWS Solutions Architects
  • Mentorships
  • Monthly webinars
  • Workshops
  • Support for go-to-market plans
  • Help with regulatory and security requirements in the public sector 
  • Demo Days
  • AWS Partner Network, Public Sector Programs & Marketplace
  • Funding opportunities

How to Join AWS Startup Ramp in Korea 

Entrepreneurs in Korea with new ideas that can have an impact on the government to better serve their citizens should apply for the AWS Startup Ramp program. Moreover, any existing startup working to support public sector customers can also apply. Again, all startups need to have under $10 million in total revenue to date. 

You can find the AWS Startup Ramp application here

In addition, any organizations, accelerators, incubators, investors, AWS Partners, non-profits, and government associations can reach out to the AWS Startup Ramp team for potential collaboration with the program.


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