Starting a family and becoming a new parent is a wonderful time, however, it can bring a lot of stress for new parents. With the advancement in technology, new parents are turning to the latest tech to help them in the new chapter of their life. Therefore, many tech startups are aiming to help reduce parents’ anxieties with smart baby devices. One of these startups is a Korean startup called LITTLEONE. They offer smart baby devices that mothers and fathers can easily use.

The global baby product market is estimated to be worth close to $12 billion. The US alone accounts for 25% of this market. This is the market LITTLEONE is targeting first before expanding to other countries. 

LITTLEONE participated in She Loves Tech South Korea 2021. She Loves Tech is the world’s largest startup competition for women and technology. The startup was invited due to the fact it was changing the paradigm for all women to go back to work and give their husbands a chance to take care of the baby with LITTLEONE’s smart devices.

Smart Baby Bottle – LITTLEONE

Smart Baby Devices Littleone

There are many reasons why a newborn baby might cry. Statistics show that the reason a baby cries has to do with being hungry (52%), having a wet diaper (21%), or being sleepy (14%). Therefore, it is common for new parents to be overwhelmed about how to deal with their babies. The biggest worry comes with feeding their baby. This is where LITTLEONE comes in. LITTEONE coaches parents on the appropriate feeding practices. LITTLEONE offers a smart bottle for babies that can warm up the milk and keeps it at 98 degrees Fahrenheit for up to one hour with a full battery.

In addition, the LITTEONE app tracks and analyzes the proper feeding angle with an alarm. The app collects data from the bottle and allows users to share the data with pediatricians for review. LITTLEONE’s smart bottle makes feeding easier thanks to its IoT Integration, data collection, and portability. In addition, parents can save time by having the bottle set to the perfect temperature of the formula. 

Smart Baby Devices by LITTLEONE

LITTEONE offers other smart baby devices such as a smart diaper change device and a smart sleeping monitor. The startup is expected to hit $2 million in sales by the end of 2023. So far, LITTLEONE has 4,000 active users who are paying a monthly subscription fee for 2 bottles, access to healthcare reports, parenting consultation, and discounts on baby daily products. You can even purchase the smart baby bottle on Amazon. 

“We bring innovation to 21st-century childcare,” says the CEO of LITTLEONE, Brain Lee.


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