The global vitamin/supplement market is a $140 billion industry. Jiwon Joung, CEO of Algocare, is looking to disrupt the industry. Imagine having a personal nutrition expert at work or at home who you can reach out to at any time. Sound expensive? Thanks to Algocare and its IoT nutrition management device, users can get a more personalized nutritional supplement plan from the comfort of their home or office. Jiwon used to be a lawyer in Seoul but gave it up to pursue her true passion. She not only wanted people to live healthier lives but also save them time and energy constantly looking for that perfect nutritional supplement for their body. That is when she decided to develop the world’s first innovative NaaS (Nutrition as a Service) solution that provides personalized nutrients through continuous health data analysis. 

How does Algocare work?


Algocare the creator of a IoT nutrition management dispensing device called Nutrition Engine. It also comes with an app that is key to creating your personal nutrition package. Users simply fill out a lifestyle/medical history questionnaire on the app. Then Algocare’s algorithm creates the optimal nutritional supplement for you. However, the startup understands that the best supplement for a healthy life goes beyond just a questionnaire. Our lifestyles, where we live, what we do, and even the weather play a part in vitamin deficiencies. This is why Algocare constantly updates your nutritional package based on daily data inputs. Then it continuously evaluates and analyzes the daily data input to diagnose your body’s daily nutritional needs. 

Dr. AlgoThe device will let the customers know when a particular supplement is running low. The supplements can then be ordered through the app and will arrive by mail.

The customized algorithm used by Algocare was designed after analyzing thousands of medical journals and research articles by medical practitioners. It can derive different Nutrition Need Index (NNI) for each person. Therefore, Algocare is backed by science and continuously invests in making its formula as effective as possible while at the same time being affordable. However, it is a tool that is meant for general wellness purposes and should not be relied on for medical treatment for specific conditions. 

Why Personalized Nutritional Supplements?

Not all vitamins and supplements are created equal and the vast majority you find in retail stores are not personalized for your body type. Your body is constantly changing on a daily basis due to a variety of factors such as stress levels, menstrual cycles, lack of sleep, and so on. A more personalized nutritional supplement has the potential to disrupt consumer habits when it comes to vitamin/supplement intake. Consumers are not only families but also companies looking out for the wellness of their employees. Therefore, Algocare has been targeting businesses in Korea to start and has gotten positive feedback. 

“AlgoCare will completely change the customer’s experience and concept of nutritional supplements. We are creating a personalized regimen that works best for the individual with minimal effort,” said the CEO of Algocare, Jiwon Joung.  


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