Given the increasing focus on health, ethical, and environmental concerns in today’s society, many people choose to move towards a plant-based diet. One of the biggest challenges with this transition is finding suitable and satisfying replacements for key animal foods like meat, fish, and dairy products. While there has been a rise in vegan meat substitutes, there are few options for vegan seafood options. Thankfully a startup called Koralo offers natural, delicious, and nutritious vegan seafood made using their unique patent-pending fermentation process. Koralo’s vision is to make seafood carbon-negative and accessible to everybody allowing our oceans to thrive.

Delicious Vegan Fish

Koralo Vegan Fish

Koralo has created vegan seafood that has all the nutritional benefits of traditional seafood while being more sustainable and cruelty-free. They use fermentation to feed on microalgae to create their natural, delicious, and nutritious vegan fish called Koralo. It provides important nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for heart health.

Microalgae combined with Fermentation Technology

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been looking for new and innovative ways to feed their growing population. Whether through the domestication of plants, the use of new technologies, or clever adaptations of old methods, we have always striven to find new ways to provide sustenance for ourselves and future generations. One promising area that has emerged in recent years is microalgae as a source of plant-based protein and other nutrients. 

Koralo is leveraging fermentation technology to transform these tiny aquatic organisms into valuable vegan seafood products like nutritious vegan fish.

With its proprietary cultivation method and specialized catalysts, Koralo can transform microalgae into plant-based products that taste just like the real thing – but without any health risks or ethical concerns associated with conventional seafood. Whether serving as a delicious soup base or being used in other seafood-inspired recipes, this unique form of fermenting promises to make a big splash in food production. Check out their Instagram page to see all the dishes you can make using Koralo. 

Why use Koralo?


Koralo offers the taste and texture of fish along with the bite, juiciness, and flavor. The vegan seafood created by Koralo has been tested by consumers, chefs, and experts in the food sector. It offers a complete low-fat protein with high Omega-3s topped by gut-positive prebiotic fiber, vitamin B, and natural minerals such as iron and zinc. It has perfect for a complete and balanced nutritious meal. Best of all, there are only four natural ingredients. 

The vegan seafood created by Koralo is priced similarly to actual seafood. This is because their technology allows them to be highly scalable and cost-efficient. When chilled, it has a shelf life of over a month. Koralo can be cooked, fried, or steamed like you would with actual seafood. Substitute seafood with Koralo and make your favorite recipes! 

“Koralo enriches the choice of seafood we eat and with that the life in our oceans”, Sina Albanese – Co-CEO of Koralo