Agriculture is changing rapidly thanks to technological advances. The rise of agriculture technology has shown new possibilities in farming and agriculture. As the global population rises (9.7 billion by 2050), the demand to produce more while at the same time shifting towards sustainably produced goods is increasing. In addition, the agriculture industry faces rising production costs, labor shortages, farming inefficiencies, soil degradation, and more. Traditional approaches in the agriculture industry need to adopt new technologies to make farms more efficient and increase their biological capital.

Solena, an Ag Biotech startup from Mexico, showcased its innovative solution at P4G Entrepreneurs and SMEs Challenge. Their innovative solution improves farmers’ crop profitability by giving them solutions specifically tailored for each farm. Keeping farms profitable is getting harder and more challenging due to a variety of reasons. That’s why it is vital to create more accurate solutions, as all farms are different. 

Biological Capital

Increase your Biological Capital with Solena – How it works

SolenaThe process is very simple. Farmers can order a sampling kit from Solena. Then fill the sampling kit with their soil. The kit is then sent to Solena via UPS. After analyzing the soil, Solena creates the best-customized products (biofertilizers) for each farm. These biofertilizers have no chemical pesticides which leads to an improved quality of the products.

SolenaThe company works with the farmer to gather more data through follow-up reports and make the necessary adjustments to assure the soil remains productive and healthy. This is important as the variability in soil conditions during the crop cycle requires adjustments to assure that the soil remains productive and healthy. Think of Solena as a one-stop shop for farmers.


Not only do they offer advice and monitoring of their crops, but they also have a strong team of experts in biological and organic solutions. Daniela Montano is the Innovation Advisor at Sustainable Ventures, Europe’s largest VC in the cleantech and sustainability sector. Daniela met the company through the P4G Entrepreneurship and SMEs Challenge Business Matching and shared her thoughts on Solena:

“Solena is targeting one of the most critical issues in Mexico by providing farm owners with a means to maximise their resources and profitability. Very excited to follow the journey ahead of this innovative Mexican startup.” 

Solena was founded in 2015, and now they have over 170 clients, which include some of Mexico’s largest producers. Farmers in Mexico have reported an average of 30% profit increase since working with Solena. They are one of the most innovative startups in Mexico in the agriculture space. This is why they are now looking to expand into new markets; South Korea is one of them. They already created a US parent entity in the United States in 2021. Now in 2023, Solena is looking for farm consultants in Korea that can work with them to bring this innovative solution to Korea and then to Asia.