The need for artificial intelligence for businesses is growing very quickly in Korea. Many startups and SMEs want to improve efficiency, find new business opportunities, keep up with competitors, and attract investors by incorporating AI technology. However, it is not easy to build an AI system from scratch. Finding the right talent is difficult and very expensive in Korea. Thankfully a startup in Korea called DSLAB GLOBAL has created which supports all processes for building your own customized AI. Their platform collects data, builds a training dataset through data labeling, and enables automatic development of AI, easy deployment, and operation. 

Interest in AI has grown in Korea over the past few years. However, AI can come in many different packages and in several ways. It can be embedded into an app, a voice control device like Alexa, and even a website. Some of the common use cases include identifying faces in a photo, finding the emotion in a given sentence, scanning medical test results, and even locating fires with drones. The good news is that many of these problems have already been solved using AI. Much work has already gone into building AIs to tackle these issues. offers an AI market where you can buy the right AI model for your needs.

Services offered by

DS2 Dataset

Users can easily configure the training dataset, the preparatory stage for AI development. In addition, existing data can be configured as a training dataset through direct upload of data and retrieval through DB linkage. If you do not have existing data, public data can be used to directly compose a training dataset and use it for AI development. Moreover, to continuously advance AI, data generated through AI operation is added to the initial training data and accumulated for re-learning. 

Labeling AI

This service uses deep learning-based Auto-Labeling technology to label only a small amount of data. Then it uses AI to automate and quickly label large amounts of data. It can be performed with as few as ten labels. Then a large amount of labeling data can be obtained only by inspecting the results of Auto-Labeling. It uses a smart magic tool to quickly label objects with complex shapes. By using Labeling AI, users can save up to 80% because it handles the entire process from preparing training data to distributing AI. 

Click AI

Through Click AI, users can develop AI with one simple click. They do not need to know how to code. Click AI offers three methods for you to choose from. There is the custom learning option to develop AI coding directly in the Jupyter environment by renting a learning server with desired performance. The second method is AutoML where Click AI automatically develops the desired AI with just one click. The third method combines AutoML with consulting, where consultants help with data preprocessing to AI development. 

Skyhub AI

Skyhub AI provides integrated MLOps for deploying, operating, and managing AI. It uses an optimized cloud inference server. Therefore, the AI can continuously utilize the data collected during the operation of AI to relearn and advance the AI. In addition, Skyhub AI allows users to deploy AI quickly and easily by leveraging auto-generated APIs. Lastly, users can monitor the server in real-time to respond to issues via the dashboard. AI developed outside can also be deployed or managed using Skyhub AI. 

AI Market

Developers can easily sell and generate profits through the AI Market. It is a space where anyone can use AI regardless of the presence of training data or AI models. There are also model lists on AI Market. Therefore, you will be able to use AI right away or request development. AI Market offers a list of AI models by industry group. All AI that is developed through Studio can be commercialized, sold, and monetized through AI Market by simply selecting the desired selling price and sales method. 

Thanks to, you can develop AI with a few clicks without coding. Think of them as a one-stop shop for data preparation, data labeling, distribution, and the development of AI models. Best of all, clients can pay for what they need, and will work with them to find the right solution for their desired work. They aim to lower the barriers to AI adoption for startups and SMEs. The solution greatly reduces complicated procedures and time and saves businesses money in hiring data scientists and AI developers. Best of all, potential customers will get $20 worth of credit when doing the trial. Therefore, they can follow the tutorial and try it before committing to the service. is already working with Hyundai Engineering for the AI solution needs.