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Adriel - AI Digital Advertising Platform

Adriel – An AI Digital Advertising Platform that Helps Businesses Scale

AI/SaaS startup Adriel has developed an AI digital advertising platform that helps startups and SMEs run multiple ad campaigns in one single platform. It is an automated marketing agency for small businesses and startups. Businesses can create and run ads in minutes. They do not need to worry about…

Collaboration Tools in South Korea

Best Collaboration Tools in South Korea – Changing the Work Culture

Covid-19 is changing the world rapidly. People work from home because of social distancing, but still have to complete projects with their colleagues. Therefore, collaboration is essential. Korea has a collective work culture with principled rules and a rigid hierarchy. As an employee, one even has…

Setting up a Business in Korea

5 Step Guide to Setting up a Business in Korea as a Foreigner

The question that I get asked the most from foreigners in Korea is about setting up a business in Korea. South Korea has become an excellent location for global entrepreneurs and investors looking to enter the Asian market. Seoul, in particular, has become a global hub for startups passionate about…

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    Starting a Business in Korea

    10 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Business in Korea

    South Korea's GDP is 10th in the world with a total of $1.64 trillion as of 2019. A small country like South Korea has made the top 10 because they have made a concerted effort to open up its economy to foreign players. Therefore many foreigners are interested in starting a business in Korea.…

    South Korean e-commerce

    Targeting South Korean Consumers – Everything you Need to Know

    South Korea has powerful industries in mobile, automotive, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and technology. They got to this level because of their massive workforce that has usually put career over family. The average Korean worker works about 70 hours a week. It got so bad that the Korean…

    Korean Banks Using Blockchain Technology

    Korean Banks Using Blockchain Technology – Complete List for 2023

    Around the world, the industry that has been against Blockchain the most have been banks. However, in Korea, banks seem to be embracing Blockchain technologies. At first, many Korean banks saw Blockchain as a competition. Early on, many banks in Korea feared they would lose funds and customers to…