In South Korea, over 10,000 startups face the challenge of expanding into the global market. However, few are successful. Wonderise aim’s to change this trend by launching a global startup investor relations platform. They are an initiative aimed at Korean startups. Wonderise is the creator of a platform that offers one-click application support for various startups programs. They help Korean startups get matched with investors in Korea and abroad. Expanding globally is not an easy task for many Korean startups. Therefore the Korean government has decided to intervene through global expansion programs. The programs started by the Korean government have a national goal that aims to establish as many Korean unicorns as possible. However, most have not been successful. 

Wonderise actively seeks out promising startups in Korea. They help these startups not only raise funds in South Korea but also via the global VC market. In addition, they help Korean startups break into the global market via business expansion support and sales growth strategies. Even with the help of the Korean government, there is still a lack of incubation programs in Korea to help startups expand their business internationally. Therefore, Wonderise is offering a one-click application that allows easy registration for various startup support programs and events through its website. 

Wonderise – A Global Startup IR Platform for Korean Startups

Wonderise Global IR platform for Korean startupsHere are the 4 key services that Wonderise offers and how it will influence the startup scene in South Korea.

Investment Matching Service

WonderiseWonderise helps Korean startups by offering various startup and VC-related information to potential investors and partners. By using specific information from Korean startups and investors, Wonderise can provide an optimized investment matching process for not only Korean investors but also global investors. Korean startups can edit and manage their business information all in one platform. Korean startups not only get customized English-IR decks but can also get English pitch videos. These decks and videos are then forwarded to VC/AR partners of Wonderise in foreign countries for feedback. Based on the feedback the IR deck and video can be further optimized. 

Application support for Global Startup Programs 

The platform created by Wonderise makes it easy for Korean startups to apply for programs in order to be matched with potential global investors. There are dozens of government startup support programs in Korea and hundreds more around the world. Wonderise will curate the programs and events based on the startup’s current round and global strategy. In addition, Korean startups will get rapid feedback from Wonderise based on their IR deck. This might include the translation of the Korean startup’s IR deck into English. Once translated into English, Wonderise helps Korean startups apply to global accelerator programs and support them throughout the program. This will help Korean startups not only attract global investment but also get publication on overseas media outlets such as TechCrunch and Tech in Asia. 

Startup Community in Korea

Wonderise Startup CommunityWonderise is also actively creating a community that allows for information exchange between startups, investors, and government agencies. Once a startup is a part of the Wonderise network, it will get referred to potential global customers, investors, and related global companies. As the community grows, Wonderise will look to create a community for job recruitment services. 

Startup Consulting

Finally, Wonderise offers a variety of consulting and services for Korean startups such as tax, legal, labor, outsourcing, IR deck, and global expansion strategies. In addition, Wonderise will provide advice through its network of advisors, specialists, and partners. This could include the assistance in exhibiting at large-scale overseas global startup events such as CES, MWC, Websummit, or SLUSH. 

Wonderise helps Korean Startups Expand into Global Markets

Wonderise is a great supporting platform to encourage globalization. However, they also aim to promote an entrepreneurial mindset in South Korea. One of the main challenges that Korean startups face is that it is hard to scale their business by only operating in their local region. Expanding business outside of South Korea is essential for the success of Korean startups. Therefore, Wonderise is actively participating in global startup events around the world. They will use their global network for supporting Korean startups expanding business and promoting the venture community in Korea to foster global expansion. Korean startups looking to go global should give Wonderise a try.