Freelancer Marketplaces in Korea are having amazing years. The gig economy means an economy where businesses rely more on freelancers and independent workers rather than hiring full-time workers. Starting your own business in Korea in current times is not an easy task as you need a start-up cost, workforce, machinery, space, and other various resources. While there are many government support programs in Korea for entrepreneurs, the young generation in Korea is looking for freelancing jobs where there is no investment, plus they can do the work at their convenience.

Freelancing jobs have become very common in Korea, and many people are getting inclined toward this amazing option. Freelancers who wish to earn more money have more alternatives available than ever before thanks to platforms created by Freelancer Marketplace Startups. The following sites in our list offer access to tens of thousands of freelancers who are experts in hundreds of different categories.

Top Freelancer Marketplaces in Korea


kmong Korean ecommerce StartupKorean freelancer eCommerce startup Kmong is cashing in on the fact that more and more Koreans are looking to become freelancers. Kmong is an online talent marketplace that helps freelancers sell their services. There are many categories on the Kmong platform from designers, marketers, and artists, just to name a few. In addition, the platform attracts corporations and enterprises looking to find fresh new talent.

Kmong is considered to be the top freelancer marketplace in Korea with over 250,000 freelancers and clients.

For 2024 Kmong will look to incorporate Blockchain technology into their platform. In addition, they already partnered up with Talao, a decentralized protocol for the freelancing economy.

“We’re different from headhunters or outsourcing agencies in that we don’t propose hires – instead we cater to immediate needs for short-term projects or specific tasks, like translating an investor-relations report,” said Tony Park the CEO at Kmong.


Korean Startup SoomgoKorean eCommerce startup Soomgo is an open marketplace for professional services. People can go on the Soomgo platform and search for professionals in a variety of services. Some of the services include interior designing, cleaning, relocation/moving, tutoring, and even weddings. Therefore, their aim is both to make unknown freelancers more accessible to consumers as well as to offer consumers an open marketplace to find the right professional.

“In South Korea, there is a dire need for tools and for platforms that really help freelancers and small businesses to fill the gap in what is traditionally a conglomerate-driven culture,” said Robin Kim, CEO at Soomgo.

Most of the users are students looking to get help with their schoolwork. However, Soomgo is working hard to stop any ghostwriting or dissertation writing for college students in Korea.

Soomgo was a part of Y Combinator’s 2017 Winter batch. In 2018 they were able to get $3.4 million for their Series A investment round. Therefore, this puts the total amount of investment fund Soomgo successfully raised at 4.7 million dollars (approximately 5 billion Korean Won).

Talent Bank

Freelancer Marketplace Startups in Korea

Talent Bank is a freelancer matching platform for startups and SMEs. Therefore, their target is companies that can not afford to hire full-time staff.  There are currently over 3,500 Talent Bank-certified experts. To be a Talent Bank-certified expert, freelancers have to go through a strict screening process. The screening process includes checking for work experience such as having multiple years of managerial experience. The platform aims to increase these experts to over 10,000 by the end of 2024.

Some of the most in-demand experts on the platform include engineers, marketers, designers, and IT specialists. Experts detail their experience and the work they can provide along with the cost of their services. Best of all, the platform offers 1:1 consultation to find the right expert for your business.