As more and more people become familiar with blockchain technology, its potential applications continue to surface. One industry likely to be disrupted by this technology is gaming, and what better region than South Korea for its implementation? Add this to the fact that the South Korean government has supported Blockchain technology in areas such as Fintech, and the innovation potential is vast. These topics and many more regarding Blockchain gaming and Blockchain-based platforms will be addressed on Day 2 of Korea Blockchain Week 2022

Korea Blockchain Week – Day 2 Blockchain Gaming

Korea Blockchain Week

Korea Blockchain Week is the most prominent Blockchain conference in Korea. Day 2 will feature keynote speakers and panel talks regarding Blockchain in gaming. There will be three stages (Stage Seoul, Stage Busan, and Stage Jeju), and each stage will offer deep insights from leaders in the gaming and Blockchain industry. 

Korea Blockchain Week is putting a big spotlight on Blockchain in gaming because it could be the first use case for Blockchain technology to be adopted by the mass market. Expect to see speakers explore how the blockchain could create a more secure and transparent gaming experience for players. The transactions for digital in-game items make Blockchain in gaming so interesting. Gamers are already familiar with tokenization and virtual in-game currency. Most games released allow gamers to buy in-game gems, gold, coins, items, etc., with real-world currency. These transactions happen outside the game. However, Blockchain technology could change this and make in-game assets ownable. 

Day 2 Stage Seoul – Keynote Speakers 

  • Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade – The Ultimate Utilities of Cryptocurrency: Game and the Metaverse – Henry Chang 
  • John Linden, CEO of Mythical Games – Gaming Economy Driven by Player Ownership
  • Kyu Lee, President of Com2uS USA, Inc. – When Web2 Gaming Meets Web3

Panel Talk – How Web3 will Reshape the Gaming Industry 

  • Jun Park, Associate at HASHED – Moderator
  • Michael Bank, COO at Polygon Studios – Panelist 
  • Robbie Ferguson, President at Immutable X – Panelist 
  • Ed Chang, Director at Ava Labs (Avalanche) – Panelist 

Day 2 Stage Busan – Keynote Speaker

  • Yat Siu, Executive Chairman at Animoca Brands – Opportunity of Metaverse and Web3 Gaming in Asia 

Panel Talk – Where Gaming Guilds are Heading Now 

  • Christy Choi, Co-Founder & CEO at SKYGG – Moderator 
  • Brendon Wong, Co-Founder at Avocado – Panelist 
  • Jarindr Thitadilaka, Founder & Project Lead at GuildFi – Panelist 
  • Sadiq Ahamed, Founder at Lysto – Panelist 

Day 2 Stage Jeju – Keynote Speakers

  • Benson Byun, CSO at Klaytin Games – Blockchain Game Ecosystem and Future 
  • Ben Colayco, Global Managing Director at ISKRA – Redefining Game Publishing for Web3
  • Wesley Yiu, Founder at – The Future of Web3 Gaming Community 

The Future of Blockchain Gaming in South Korea 

The future of Blockchain gaming in South Korea is cloudy at best. Yoon Suk Yeol, the President of South Korea, denied lifting the ban on Blockchain-based gaming in Korea. For now, blockchain game developers in Korea must focus on the global market. In addition, South Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee does not allow any blockchain-based games to be released in Korea due to gambling concerns.

However, there is still some hope as Yoon, at one point, promised to remove the ban on P2E gaming and support the gaming industry, including the Blockchain gaming industry. This is why we are seeing many of Korea’s top gaming companies like Nexon, Com2uS, Krafton, and Kakao Games plan to release blockchain-based games in the future. Moreover, Netmarble has gone to P2E elements in their existing games, A3: Still Alive and Cross Worlds. Therefore, these are clear signs that it is not a matter of “if” but “when” Blockchain-based games will be released in Korea. The market is too strong, and the potential is too high among South Korean gamers. Korea Creative Content Agency estimates that over 70% of the Korean population plays games. South Korea is an excellent bet to start the Blockchain game revolution.