The Korean Innovation Center Europe (KIC Europe) is collaborating with Berlin-based co-working space Betahaus to bring Korean Startups to Europe! K-Launchpad is a program for Korean Startups who are want to expand within the European market.

About the K-Launchpad

K-Launchpad is looking for Korean startups and businesses which are interested to expand to Europe. Furthermore, selected participants get to attend an online pre-program. It introduces them to the culture, partner meetings, and challenges they need to solve in Berlin. In addition, they’ll get invited to a 3-week intensive program in Berlin.

KIC Europe‘s main purpose is to bridge innovation between the EU and South Korea. Therefore, the organization actively promotes the cooperation of Korean and European Businesses. Their previous events have contributed to partnerships between governmental institutions and SME’s. Furthermore, KIC Europe has been a partner for Korea Startup Grand Challenge (or K-Startup Grand Challenge). The well-known project by NIPA promotes entrepreneurship all around Asia.

Betahaus is one of the largest co-working spaces in Berlin. In addition, it has partner locations in Barcelona, Sofia, and more places around the world. Betahaus offers workspaces to create and collaborate. Furthermore, it has hosted the Betapitch Seoul 2019 to bring more Korean startups to Europe. Furthermore, the team wants to find more opportunities to work with the Korean Startup Ecosystem in the future.

Why Startups should participate in the K-Launchpad

  1. Center of Europe: Along with London and Paris, Berlin is one of the hottest tech hubs in Europe. The Launchpad brings selected German corporate companies together with Startups & SMEs. It provides opportunities to enter new markets. In addition, Betahaus has a wide network around Europe. Therefore, joining the K-Launchpad helps startups to grow their European network.
  2. Excellent pool of organizers and partners: The program is organized and managed by KIC Europe and Betahaus. Furthermore, K-Launchpad offers a unique opportunity to close partnerships with leading German corporations. In addition, the official partners of the program include Siemens Mobility and ZF Car e-Wallet.

Who Should apply?

Interested in joining? The K-Launchpad welcomes all mature Korean startups that seek global expansion. Applications close on August 9th, 2019.  Furthermore, the program is open to startups in the following industries:

(Mobility) Smart Mobility, Smart Vehicles, Enhanced User Experience

  • Autonomous driving
  • Passenger experience
  • Solutions (Multi-modal backend and car integration)
  • On-board Diagnostics(OBD2) dongle hardware/software


  • The infrastructure of a hybrid solution
  • Smart Contracts
  • Distributed-Ledger-Technology


  • Smart Factory
  • Smart Logistics

Finalists will be announced on August 23rd, 2019. For more information, check out the application site here.