JEC Korea is back! This time it will be offline at the COEX convention center. Last year, they held their conference online due to COVID. This year over 200 exhibiting companies are expected along with thousands of professionals to network, exchange ideas, explore new opportunities and resume business after a very challenging year. The event will also be augmented, thanks to the JEC Korea Connect platform, enabling attendees to join the event online and attend live-streamed conferences.

The 3-day event will celebrate composites Innovation and Knowledge through a rich program of Technical Conferences, the JEC Composites Startup Booster, and the unmissable JEC Composites Innovation Awards Ceremony.

JEC Composites Startup Booster

The 3-day event is launched by JEC Group, the world’s leading, and most innovative media and events company entirely dedicated to fostering the development of the composite materials industry. It will showcase Startup Booster which is the leading startup competition in the world of Composites & Advanced Materials. Therefore, it will enable companies to find and assess innovations having a potential impact on their industry, in addition to the projects they may already be involved in.

Moreover, Startup Booster has fostered the emergence of over 500 innovative projects from over 40 countries. JEC Korea 2021 will also feature a fulfilling conference program with experts from the industry giving insights on the latest developments in high-performance composite technologies and applications. Therefore, the conferences’ main themes are:

  • International Carbon Festival Conference organized with our partner, KCTech.
  • Urban and Unmanned: new mobility solutions and impacts on the composites industry.
  • Growth opportunities for composites in hydrogen vehicles
  • Construction and Building Solutions: composites systems for reinforcement and repair of buildings.
  • Recycling technologies for the industry

The JEC Composites Innovation Awards

JEC KoreaThe JEC Composites Innovation Awards is a long-established and worldwide program with three simple goals: identity, promotion, and reward of the most innovative composite solutions. Over the past 15 years, the JEC Innovation Program has involved 1,900 companies worldwide; 203 companies and 499 partners have received an award for the excellence of their composite innovations. The JEC Composites Innovation Awards celebrate composites champions based on partner involvement in the value chain, technicality, or commercial applications of innovations. The award ceremony will take place on the second day of JEC Korea, on November 4th, 2021.

Startups can apply for the Innovation Awards here.

Calling all Startups in Korea in the World of Composites 

JEC KoreaStartup Booster is the leading startup competition in the world of composites. The event will take place on November 3-5th, 2021. Furthermore, JEC Korea 2021 will allow participants to meet in person at COEX or online in order to network and share ideas. In addition, it is open to entrepreneurs in Korea with innovative projects, SEMs, and academic spinoffs, in 2 categories: 


  • Design 
  • Manufacturing
  • Digitalization / Industry 4.0 / Smart Industry
  • Non-Destructive Testing Solutions
  • Sustainability & Recycling Solutions


  • New composite materials including hybrid materials, bio-sourcing, and intelligent composites, nano-based solutions, Graphene solutions
  • New applications and markets for composites (Composites in new mobility applications i.e Fuel Cell Tanks, etc.) 
  • Intelligent surfaces & displays (glass transparency solutions) and smart textiles

Up to 10 startups will be selected to pitch in front of a jury of leading industry experts and investors during JEC Korea Online 2021. Each of the 10 startups will have 3 minutes to present followed by 3 minutes of Q&A with the jury. This will offer startups visibility in the composite industry. 

The jury panel will select 1 winner and the audience will select the other (Total 2 winners). 

JEC Korea OnlineJEC World 2022 

Winners from the JEC Korea Online Startup Booster will move on to JEC World 2022. They will have VIP access and perks from sponsors and partners (when available), a booth, and access to investment opportunities. There the startups will be able to reach key decision-makers and find industry partners and customers. In addition, they will get a boost to their brand awareness among all players present at the show. The JEC Group community has over 100,000 members. Furthermore, they will also be automatically integrated into the Startup Booster applications of JEC world 2023 for consideration by the sponsors of the competition (Airbus, Daimler & Magna). 

JEC World 2022 will feature a strong jury composed of experts from international groups and companies involved in innovative materials. Such companies include 3M, Airbus, Alstom, Altair, Daimler AG, GE Digital, Valeo, and Magna. In addition, there will be leading investors in the field of materials, such as Solvay Ventures, BASF Venture Capital, and Omnes Capital.

Great for Corporations/Industry

The JEC World 2022 brings in corporations looking to find and assess innovative, specialized composite startups that can have an impact on their business. Therefore it is a great event to get inspiration from the next generation of entrepreneurs. Furthermore, corporations can grow their network within Universities, R&T, and R&D centers, clusters, associations, industries, and media.

Composite/Advanced Materials Startups in Korea

The materials and chemicals industry is changing very rapidly. Therefore, Korean startups in this space will need to produce products faster and more sustainably. Events like JEC are a great way to not only network with some of the key players in the industry but to share ideas that will push this industry forward. Furthermore, JEC aims to continue to enable the next generation of sustainable innovation. They will continue to make big impacts on the composite/advanced materials industry. Therefore this is a great opportunity for startups to really make an impact and grow on a global scale.