What is big data analytics? It is the process of analyzing large sets of data to gather information. It is used to find patterns, trends, and even customer preferences. All this information can help businesses make the right decisions. There are many big data and analytics startups in Korea looking to make an impact for companies moving towards the 4th industrial revolution. Korean companies are using big data analytics systems and software to make data-driven decisions more than ever before. The data can be used for marketing, customer personalization, efficiency in operation, and new growth opportunities. Companies that can leverage big data have an advantage over their competition. 
Processing data in real time and efficiently can bring a lot of value to a business. This is especially true when AI technology and automation analyze big data. With technological advancement, companies can gather big data to make instant decisions. This can not only lead to higher revenue but also more satisfied customers. Understanding customers can also lead to developing innovative products and solutions that fit their needs. Below are some of Korea’s top big data and analytics startups to watch for. 

Big Data and Analytics Startups in Korea

Deeping Source

analytics startups in Korea

Deeping Source is a data analytics startup in Korea that focuses on privacy protection. They analyze large-scale datasets that have been collected from CCTVs. Therefore, some clients include shopping malls, hospitals, and banks. Their technology can analyze consumer types and their movement and shopping patterns. Their consumer’s privacy is protected as their solution can obscure their faces on the screen.

Deeping Source can also analyze data collected from an ad board camera in a subway station. It can analyze how many passengers there are and whether or not they are men or women. In addition, they can even analyze their age through their AI vision solution. The startup has over 65 patents related to data de-identification and image-recognition AI. They have raised over $20 million to date.


QMIT QMIT operates an athlete management platform called plco. Former K League soccer star Lee Sang-gi founded it. The platform collects and analyzes data on the amount of stress and fatigue in professional athletes. In addition, it can analyze each athlete’s sleep cycle and more. The collected data are then shared with the coaching staff to help them build the best training schedule possible for each player. One of their main clients is the Korea Football Association and the K League. The platform can also include other sports like basketball and volleyball. QMIT has raised $2.4 million for its series A round from firms Bokwang Investment, NBH Capital Finance, Big Basin Capital, and more.


Korean SaaS startup Dabeeo

Korean SaaS startup Dabeeo is a mobile mapping and big data service. They offer indoor and outdoor mapping for places like malls and shopping centers. In addition, the Korean government has used Dabeeo’s map data technology. Their focus for 2021 will be to improve the indoor mapping and control systems needed for autonomous robots. In addition, they have already raised over $2 million in funding.

“We will accelerate our ongoing research and development activities like the technology for building the next-generation mapping data, indoor guidance, and control system required for autonomous mobile robots,” said CEO of Dabeoo, Joo-heum Park.

Puzzle Data

Puzzle Data

Puzzle Data is a group of process mining experts. They offer process innovation consulting in Korea to enhance efficiency and reduce costs through process analysis. They obtain the data using ProDiscovery, a process mining tool developed by Puzzle Data. ProDiscovery is the first and only process mining tool in Korea. Based on process mining technology, the process map currently being executed can be identified by analyzing the corporate system’s log data, and the improvement, as well as innovation of the process, can be derived.


analytics startup Cloa

Cloa is a big data and analytics startup in Korea that develops a data tool for real-time big data processing. Their solution is solely focused on real-time data processing, which is why they offer high-speed performance. In addition, developers can easily install and manage the software themselves. Therefore, they are focused on providing the next generation of data infrastructure. They were one of the few data analytics startups in Korea to get an investment from Naver D2 Startup Factory.



Desilo is one of the few analytics startups in Korea developing a machine-learning solution using Homomorphic Encryption technology. Homomorphic Encryption is a form of encryption that allows users to perform computations on their encrypted data without having to decrypt it first. Therefore, they work with businesses and people that wish to use their data but are worried about data leakage. Moreover, Desilo got an investment from Naver D2 Startup Factory.



Bepro uses big data and AI technology to provide an all-inclusive soccer video analysis platform called Bepro11. AI technology is used to find the optimal location for each player. It quantifies where a space is formed and how large the gap is between players when the player passes the ball. Bepro works with professional soccer teams in the English Premier League and other European leagues. Furthermore, over 1,500 soccer teams are using Bepro11, and the startup continues to acquire new customers monthly.