Milk is considered one of the most important foods in our diet. It is given to children daily and is vital for their growth and bone development. However, many people in Bangladesh do not trust the milk being sold. Therefore there is a growing demand for organic milk in Bangladesh that people can trust. OGGRO DAIRY aims to be the best organic milk brand in Bangladesh. They participated in the P4G Entrepreneurs and SMEs Challenge where they showed their dedication to ensuring that consumers have access to the safest, freshest dairy products.

The Need for Organic Milk in Bangladesh

A few reasons for the lack of trust in the milk produced in Bangladesh include cases where water has been added to milk to increase the volume, adulterants like salt/glucose were added to thicken the milk and cases of high levels of contaminants in the milk. Almost every stage of the dairy value chain in Bangladesh, from farm to store, found that the milk had high levels of contamination from bacteria.

In addition, most cows in Bangladesh farms are stressed because of natural feed restrictions. Therefore most people in Bangladesh are drinking less and less milk. However, thanks to OGGRO DAIRY consumers can now have access to safe, unadulterated milk that is both tasty and fresh. They are one of the few unique brands in Bangladesh that focuses on fresh organic milk free from preservatives.

OGGRO DAIRY – Farm Fresh Milk

Farzeen Ferdous AlamThe founder of OGGRO DAIRY, Farzeen Ferdous Alam, has over 14 years of experience working in rural areas. While in rural areas, he noticed that the big dairy milk processors collected milk from small-hold farmers. These farmers would contaminate the milk with river water to increase volume. In addition, many of these filled-up milk cans would be out in the open, which would attract flies and insects.

OGGRO DAIRY started with just 3 cows. Soon they expanded to 15 cows in a small shed. Later with investment, they expanded the shed to accommodate up to 90 cows. The cows are fed various grass, concentrated feed, and straw. Each cow is vaccinated against Foot and Mouth Diseases, and each cow has a medical record that details its insemination frequencies and vaccinations.

Oggro Farm

Partnering with experts from around the world

OGGRO DAIRY brought in experts from the Netherlands and the United States to train their processing team on quality control. OGGRO DAIRY is Bangladesh’s first dairy farm working to bring pasteurization and farm processing together. From this, they can deliver fresh processed milk within 12 hours to all the milk consumers in Dhaka City and Bangladesh in the future.

The farm is located away from the city and is nestled in a serene place in Savar. There the cows are fed, watered, kept clean, pampered, and cared for, as OGGRO DAIRY feels that happy cows naturally produce better milk.


Organic Milk in BangladeshOGGRO DAIRY is planning to introduce several diversified products in the future. Their tentative product list is given below.

  • Whole milk (fat included)
  • Low-fat milk (skimmed milk)
  • Unsweetened Yogurt
  • Sweetened Yogurt
  • Butter
  • Ghee
  • Cheese
  • Chocolate milk

Those that want to purchase fresh organic milk in Bangladesh can do so online. They deliver to Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Dhanmondi, Kalabagan, Mohammadpur, Green Road, Monipuripara, Farm Gate, Shyamoli & Rajabazar. OGGRO DAIRY is looking towards South Korea to find potential partners and investors that can help them expand even further.