“In order for crops to grow well, not only the environment (humidity, warmth) but also the data of the crops themselves must be collected and processed well. “Avalve collects data from crops and learns artificial intelligence so that they grow better than humans grow.”

Avalve is a company that creates big data-based artificial intelligence smart farms. While interest in smart farms is increasing, in reality, people are still reluctant to choose smart farms due to high production costs and low returns. In order to increase the return from small farming spaces, it is necessary to produce more automated and high-quality crops. The key to achieving that is to apply growth data of crops to crops by using AI technology. 

Avalve is a startup that offers this kind of solution that helps to maximize returns by lowering production costs while also producing more high-quality crops. The core of Avalve’s solution lies in data collection management, cloud system, and data-learning technology. If smart farms are operated with an Avalve system, labor can be reduced by 40% and yields will more than double. Implementing Avalve’s solution would also allow automatic mass production of special crops. 

Furthermore, Avalve not only provides the software but also develops hardware for building smart farms. Its own frames and designs allow more plants to be planted than existing in smart farms. Compared to other smart farms, Avalve collects its data through cameras and various sensors that take individual image data from each crop. The system automatically checks roots, stems, and leaves to identify the crops’  characteristics and status. 

The collected data is stored and managed in a cloud-based integrated platform system developed by Avalve. Based on the data, Avalve smart farms can also increase the content of phytochemicals in crops by looking at the root, leaf, and stem conditions.  These Bio-solutions allow crops to grow in optimal conditions. 

Avalve holds various patents on devices for smart farms that can collect root and leaf image data of crops. In addition, Avalve is a company with very high technical barriers because more data accumulates over time.