Modern Look Offers a More Seamless Experience; New Version Brings Eastern Astrology to a Next Level


[New York, New York, November 2-] HangFive Inc. today announced the launch of its newly designed, first Eastern Astrology app in the U.S. market that will provide a more seamless and streamlined experience for astrology enthusiasts. The sleek, modern design makes it even easier to navigate all of HANG5’s robust Saju (Korean Astrology) features. The latest version of the app also includes enhancements to Hangout, a community-driven space designed to help users find like-minded people and interact with others who share the same sign.

“The new look and feel of our astrology app reflect HANG5’s focus on delivering ancient wisdom of Eastern philosophers and astrologers in the form of bite-sized content of digestible narratives and images,” said William Baek, co-founder, and CEO of HangFive. “This enhanced experience makes it easier to explore the unknown world of Eastern Astrology by providing alternative readings of birth charts according to Eastern Astrological theory, which can be an empowering tool on the way to self-discovery. 

While developing the new app experience, user engagement was key. “The app redesign was informed by feedback from our users who will start to see visual changes and a new card-like design as part of an overall evolution of our Saju experience,” Baek continues. “These updates give our app a modern interface and provide more personalization.”

HangFive Inc. has also announced new features to its mobile app including Thoughts, an engaging way for users to discover similarities and/or differences with other day zodiacs and learn from shared experiences. The company also announces that even more exciting features are underway. 

The new version of the HANG5 app is already available on AppStore ( All astrology enthusiasts are welcome to download the app to dive into the world of Saju and get first-hand experience. 

About HangFive Inc.: 

Founded by Columbia Business School MBA graduates and executives of MyMusicTaste, HangFive is now home to HANG5, the very first Eastern astrology app in the U.S. Moreover, HANG5 came to life in the 2019 Columbia Hackathon, where its proposal to offer a better and more multifaceted mobile Saju environment for Gen Z users available in English placed first in the competition.