Startups in Korea looking to expand their network outside of Korea should join the 2021 International Technology Trade Fair. The fair focuses on “technology trade”, based on the innovation of science, technology, products, and market, gathering excellent projects, technologies, talents, and capital at home and abroad. Therefore, the aim of the fair is to promote the transformation of international technologies of “global purchase, global sales”, and building a “4th party platform” for technology achievements release and trade.

The International Technology Trade Fair was founded in 2007 with a permanent theme of “Innovation and Development”. The ZGC Forum is positioned to serve the national innovative-driven development and has focused on the revolution, innovation, and cooperation of science and technology. Therefore, it is aimed to form a high-end international forum of technological innovation for innovation and entrepreneurship entities that is global, open, and comprehensive. ZGC Forum is a leading platform for new technologies and new industries, also the releasing and trading platform of new technologies and new products at home and abroad. It has been held for over 12 years to date.

2021 International Technology Trade Fair

The 2021 International Technology Trade Fair is having an open call for global technologies. Furthermore, they will also have a call for judges in 10 key industrial fields. With the purpose of promoting cooperation in technology trading, the 2020 International Technology Trade Fair and Release on ZGC Forum “100 Best Industrial Innovations for International Technology Transfer” was successfully held for the first time, and has received widespread attention, and recognition from home and abroad. Based on that, the global call for the 2021 International Technology Trade Fair and Release on ZGC Forum “100 Best Industrial Innovations for Technology Transfer is now officially open.

The China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange (CISTE) and the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park will be hosting the fair. Moreover, the organizers will be the International Technolgy Transfer Network (ITTN).

The fair will focus on 10 key industrial fields listed below.

  • New Generation of ICT
  • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Biotechnology & Innovative Medicine
  • New Energy
  • Environmental Protection & Sustainable Development
  • High-end Medical Device
  • New Materials
  • High-end Equipment
  • Modern Agriculture
  • Smart Transportation

Procedure & Criteria for Technology Evaluation

Judges will score the technologies according to “Ability to Attend” and “Ability for Cross-border Trade”. Then they will select 800 technologies among 3000+ for the first round. Therefore, this means the top 80 in each of the 10 fields will be selected. The 800 technologies will be narrowed down to 200 in the second round. Judges in the second round will select 20 technologies in each field. It will be based on the “4 Abilities +1” evaluation criteria, and a total of 200 technologies will be selected as finalists. In the final round, the 200 finalists will be comprehensively evaluated. Then the top 10 in each field will be selected by the last elimination system according to the score of each judge. Therefore, in the end, the 100 Best Innovations will come from 10 fields.


  • Some of the Benefits for the Participants include
  • Free attendance
  • Expert Guidance from over 100+ top professional experts
  • Access to over 100+ investment institutions
  • Media reports/roadshows
  • Network for International Cooperation on Technology Commercialization (NICTC)
  • Promote cross-border technology transactions

Perfect for Startups Looking to Develop Business in China

The fair will help startups match technologies with industries in China. In addition, they will help obtain a supporting policy from industrial parks and innovation institutions to provide services for innovation projects to develop their business in China. Furthermore, they will help with priority investment opportunities of government funds.

Key cooperative cities include Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chengdu, Changsha, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Kunming, Tianjin, Xi’an, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Fuzhou, Zhangzhou, Zhengzhou, etc.

Those interested in joining can use the QR Code below or visit their website.